Welcome to my new book blog. I love reading and I usually have so many thoughts about books I read and love, so I thought creating an outlet for me to gush over my favorite books would be a pretty smart idea.

I used to blog about running, but then I kind of stopped running so I stopped blogging as well. I miss having an outlet for writing other than my full-time job, so creating a blog about books made perfect sense!

My favorite genres at the moment are historical fiction, YA, and urban fantasy. For a while I pretty much only read sci-fi and fantasy, but as I began branching out, these are the genres I’ve loved the most.

In the beginning, I plan on posting at least two book reviews per month, but as I get this blog up and running, that number may increase. I’ve also been reading a lot more books than normal this summer, so I think I will end up doing a lot more reviews. But I promise at least two!

I guess that’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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