Reorganizing my bookshelves!

Earlier this week I rearranged my living room, which meant taking all the books off my bookshelves so that I could move the shelves.

Since I had to put them all back on anyway, I took this opportunity to reorganize a bit.

I’ve always envied other people’s bookshelves, but was never super proud of my own. I don’t own a ton of books since I mostly read on my Kindle.

Even when I do buy books, it’s often not to read them, I just want to have them. I’ve gone and bought so many physical books, and then later downloaded them to my Kindle when I actually want to read them.

Buying physical books doesn’t happen very often because I find it hard to justify something I’m not even going to use.

All in all, I have about three rows of books on my shelves. One of those shelves is just Harry Potter and related books, so let’s just say two shelves.

So… not much compared to a lot of book bloggers on here. But even though I don’t have a ton of books, I’m totally in love with the new arrangement. I organized them by color, though half of them are black so it’s really only noticeable on one row. I organized the ones with black spines by height, too!

I never understood people that organize their bookshelves by color. It just seemed so impractical, especially if you have a lot of books. How would you find anything?! Plus, it means splitting up series!

But, now that I’ve done it, I totally understand. So satisfying to look at.

Better yet, the shelves are now next to the TV so I get to just stare at those beauties whenever I’m watching something.

Plus, since it’s next to the TV, I’ve reserved one of the shelves for our Switch and Switch games, rather than cramming everything under the TV.

How are your shelves set up? Do you have a lot of books, or just a few like me?

2 thoughts on “Reorganizing my bookshelves!

    • Jenna says:

      Yeah I get that. I was surprised I could kind of pull it off since I felt like I barely have enough. I guess I’m just really in to dark and colorless book covers, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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