Five books tropes I hate

In last week’s Top 5 Tuesday, I shared five book tropes I want more of, but this week I’m going to do the opposite and talk about five book tropes I can’t stand.

  1. Vampire / Human romances – Ugh, this is probably my least favorite thing that happens in books. It pretty much guarantees that I’ll hate the book, too. As soon as there’s a hint of a human/vampire romance happening, I’m out. It’s ironic because one of my favorite shows is Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I even went to New York Comic Con this year as Buffy), but for some reason I am so turned off by it in books.
  2. The “perfect” guy/girl – You all know the one. That one character who is the envy of literally everyone in the book. That just doesn’t happen in real life so it’s always super frustrating when we’re supposed to believe it in a book. Bonus annoying points if that perfect guy/girl falls for the so-called ugly intellectual girl/guy.
  3. Last week I talked about how I loved cranky men who are actually softies. That’s not to be confused with the bad boy who the sweet and innocent main character takes a liking to and suddenly they’re nice. I’m all for character growth, and if done well I wouldn’t hate this, but often what happens is that the character is still an asshole to everyone else, even if they’re nice to the main character.
  4. Stockholm Syndrome – I hate it when a female character is forced into ultimately liking the male character just because of constant proximity. A recent example is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Everyone raves about that book, but I barely made it halfway through before my hate for that book reached unbearable levels. Falling in love with your kidnapper is not “cute.”
  5. Finally, girls falling in love with a guy and then being unable to live without them, especially if they sacrifice themselves in the process. Looking at you, A Discovery of Witches.

8 thoughts on “Five books tropes I hate

  1. Beware Of The Reader says:

    I guess you are not a fan of Twilight LOL Great choices here! My fav may be the Stockholm Syndrom even if I love ACOTAR (go figure)..


    • Jenna says:

      Lol, that would be correct 😀 I loved it when I first read it as a teenager, but looking back I hate it and think it’s badly written, haha. And yeah, seems like a lot of people don’t mind Stockholm Syndrome in that series for some reason. It’s funny, because I hate that trope, but Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. It’s easy to make exceptions for the things we love, I guess.


  2. Rylee says:

    Haha, I kind of love vampire/human romances, though I hate Twilight. And I totally agree with the Stockholm Syndrome thing! Proximity is not enough of a reason to establish a romance. I liked ACOTAR well enough, but the series as a whole ended up as a DNF for me. Tropes in general can be hit or miss for me. Entirely depends on the author and how they spin it.


    • Jenna says:

      I think they just make me cringe because they make me think of Twilight, haha. I wonder if I would feel the same way if that series had never been written. Twilight ruined it for all of the other books! Plus, I feel like I mainly just hate it when the human suddenly desperately wants to be turned into a vampire, regardless of the consequences. Somehow the human always just starts turning dumb. I don’t mind vampire stuff so much when that doesn’t happen, but that seems to be the trope.

      And yeah, totally agree. I’m sure there are some books with these tropes that I’ve loved, it all depends on how the author handles it.

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      • Rylee says:

        I totally agree –– I hate it when the girl wants to turn into a vampire! It’s supposed to be a bad thing. It doesn’t make sense for the vampire to fit the bad boy trope when the girl wants to be a vampire too. It kind of negates what the author was going for and sends mixed messages. Is it bad or good, because it can’t be both!

        And Twilight totally taints everything vampire-related! Once a vampire read starts to feel too angsty, or if I come across the word “chagrin” more than once, I’m out.

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      • Jenna says:

        Yes, especially when the vampire has told her multiple times how awful it is. Like, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

        Also, it just makes the girl seem stupid, which gets me real worked up. Why can’t we have more female vampires and dumb human boys that want to make poor choices? Or more Buffy-like characters that can have a relationship with a vampire and still have common sense and not be willing to change themselves for a relationship? UGH.

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