Top 5 books that drained my emotions

Some weeks I struggle to even come up with five books to match the week’s Top 5 Tuesday category. I skipped out on the past two weeks, like 80% because of NaNoWriMo, but also because I just couldn’t think of any good answers. But this week I could easily name 10 or 15 books that left me broken.

I guess I gravitate towards heartbreaking books?

Anyway, here are the five books that got to me the most when I read them:


This book is so sweet. I listened to the audiobook recently, and while I really recommend it, I do not recommend listening in a public place like I did.


There’s a really sweet conversation Christopher and his wife have after his accident that really got to me. Plus the whole story is pretty tragic.


This one was a tough read because I was so into their relationship the whole time, but the first page indicates that the relationship doesn’t last, so I was so torn the whole way through.


I think this was the first book I ever cried during. I just can’t handle sad animal things. In fact, just looking at the cover almost made me cry.


The Fault in Our Stars. Just thinking about this book makes me start to tear up. I was a wreck after reading this for the first time.

Honorable mentions:

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