The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: March 9th, 2010
Format: Kindle
Length: 317 pages
Description from Goodreads:

The Story of Stuff focuses on the environmental and social issues caused by our current society. It was apparently based on a documentary the author made, which I have not seen, but may want to watch.

The book describes how consumerism is impacting our planet and the people on it. It tackles our overconsumption problem at every step of the “stuff-making process,” from manufacturing to use to throwing something out.

I was a bit concerned about picking it up at first when I saw that the release date was 2010. I thought that it might be too outdated and that I might be misinforming myself by reading it. But I really feel that the issues in this book are still relevant. So much of what’s in this book is still happening today, and some of the scenarios she describes are probably actually worse, given our current administration. I can’t really speak to what has changed since this book was written, but I am interested in learning more now.

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty on top of environmental issues. The environment is always something I’ve cared deeply about. I even majored in Natural Resources in college for crying out loud. But despite having spent 4 years learning about this stuff, there was so much more I learned in the book.

Reading this book has inspired me to work on changing some of my own personal habits. I always give myself a mental pat on the back for not eating meat, but there is so much more that I can be doing.

But it also mad me feel pretty helpless, because a lot of the issues she describes cannot be fixed by individuals. A lot of the problems in this book are cause by corporations trying to make as much money as possible, no matter what. And it seems like that’s only getting worse these day.

I really recommend everyone give this book a read. It’s super important that we be aware of what goes into the process of making the things that we own. I hope it’ll inspire someone else as well.

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