My Favorite Movies of 2018

Last night I saw On the Basis of Sex, and with that, I’m pretty sure I’m done seeing movies that came out in 2018. So here is a list of my favorite movies of the last year.

There are two additional ones at the end of the list that wouldn’t fit in the picture: Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald.

I honestly feel pretty equally “meh” about all of the movies after Tomb Raider, so the last eight aren’t really in any particular order, I suppose.

And if I could include 2017 movies that I saw in 2018, I, Tonya would be number 1.

Anyway, I know I make fun of MoviePass a lot for their somewhat questionable business practices, but they paved the way for other movie subscription services, without which, I wouldn’t have seen most of the movies that are in my top. And ironically, 5/8 of the movies not listed are ones I probably would have paid to see individually, and probably would have been more disappointed in them knowing I spent money on them.

I’m excited to see even more movies in 2019. And I’m going to try to make it a point to review every movie I see this year on Letterboxd, so if you want to add me, my username is jsargey.

What was your favorite movie of the year? Do you agree or disagree with these? Please talk to me about movies!

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies of 2018

  1. quiteayarnblog says:

    We are a Marvel family, so I have seen and loved a lot of the movies you have listed. Also, we liked Solo fine – didn’t love it or hate it. Have not seen Oceans 8 or Aquaman, though I am interested in both. What did you think of those?


    • Jenna says:

      Fair enough! My main problem with Solo was the actor that played Han. I just couldn’t buy into him as a young Han Solo. The plot and the movie itself was fine though. And it did have its good moments, like the scene where he rescues Chewbacca in the beginning.

      I loved the cast of Ocean’s 8 and I really enjoyed the movie. I’ve heard complaints that the heist wasn’t interesting enough, but I don’t really agree with that. I also haven’t seen any of the other Ocean’s films, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.

      Aquaman was a lot better than most of the recent DC movies (other than Wonder Woman). I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t really like the villain, but other than that it was a really fun movie. I thought it was pretty good, as origin stories go. The reason I rated some of the other Marvel movies so low was because I’m starting to feel superhero movie burnout, but I did really like this one.

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      • quiteayarnblog says:

        True, he wasn’t a fully convincing Han. But I thought the movie in general was pretty good. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it like a lot of people seemed to.
        For Ocean’s 8, I’m really more into the character interactions, and not all that concerned with how complex the heist itself is. With that cast, I assumed it would be pretty good 🙂
        Glad to hear Aquaman was good! I loved Wonder Woman, but have not liked any of the other DC movies in quite a while.
        True, there are a lot of superhero movies out right now. I have been following the Marvel series all the way through though, and am interested in how they are pulling threads together and paying off things that have been alluded to since some of the very early movies. 🙂

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      • Jenna says:

        If you’re in it for the character interactions, then you’ll love it I think.

        And yeah, same. I love DC stories, but they’re god awful at making movies (except for the Dark Knight movies). Hopefully Wonder Woman and Aquaman are signs that they’re figuring it out finally?

        And yeah, it is really exciting to see all of these different things coming together. I’m excited to see how Infinity War ends.

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      • quiteayarnblog says:

        Me too! Also interested for Captain Marvel. I’m a little surprised at Marvel being so backwards with getting a female superhero movie out there. They have so many good options! But it’s finally here 🙂

        I love female buddy comedies. This is a controversial one, but I loved the new Ghost Busters. A lot of people hated it, I know, but I thought it was funny and sweet. Although now I saw they are making a new one “in the original universe”. So we shall see!

        What’s the next movie you are really excited to see?

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      • Jenna says:

        I haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters yet, but I liked all of the actresses in it so I feel like I’d like it.

        I think the next one I’m excited for is How to Train Your Dragon 3, though I haven’t seen the second one yet. Alita: Battle Angel seems like it could be cool as well. How about you?


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