Mini weekend read-a-thon!

My Internet is down! We haven’t had Internet in a few days now and haven’t really had the chance to have someone come fix it. Hopefully this weekend we can get it addressed, though I don’t know if they’ll even send someone out on the weekend.

Big sad face. Just kidding. It’s mostly fine. The worst part honestly is having to manually turn my lights on and off instead of asking Alexa to do it.

I’ve got a lot of reading done as a result, since the only form of entertainment I have is Guitar Hero (which I’ve gotten pretty darn good at in the past few days) and books. I’ve also stayed off social media, and boy do I usually waste a lot of my time at home scrolling through Instagram and Twitter.

So I’m declaring this weekend a reading-heavy one with a little mini read-a-thon! Not sure how much I’ll accomplish since I’ve got a few other plans this weekend, but when I’m home, I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of reading.

Does anyone else want to join me? I could use a reading pal.

I’ll report back on Monday with my progress. Hopefully I can get a book or two read? I’m kind of excited to have a weekend where I just unplug and catch up on reading.

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