Completely immersing myself in the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire

I’m not really going to go into my thoughts on Season 8 here because it’s already been talked about to death on the Internet (and I already tweeted about it a bunch). But one side effect of the final season of Game of Thrones is that it made me really excited about the world in general.

The last season was far from perfect, but it made me want to reread the books. I didn’t “hate” the ending, I hated the setup to the ending. And I know that when George ends the series, it will be set up properly and it will make sense. So, flawed as this season might have been, it’s made me really hyped for the books again.

I’ve just started rereading A Game of Thrones and I’ve got holds on both A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (and the audiobook is apparently narrated by Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen in the show) and Fire & Blood. I also really want to buy The World of Ice and Fire, but I still need to justify the cost…

I’m just really excited to finally read about all of the lore surrounding this world that I’ve spent the last eight years following.

I haven’t been this excited to dive into a book series in a while. Yes, it’s technically a reread. But in some ways it’s not. When I first read the series, I was mainly just interested in learning what was to come in the show (I think I started reading during Season 3), and I found myself skipping over plots or characters that weren’t in the show. That was dumb. So this time, I’m giving it my full attention.

I’m probably not going to post reviews for each of the ASoIAF books since it’s a reread (and also because no one needs me to tell them that they’re amazing), but I’ll try to write something up for the short stories and encyclopedias.

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