My name is Jenna and I love reading!

I’m using this blog as a way to express my love for the books I read. My favorite genres at the moment are historical fiction, YA, and nonfiction, but my reviews certainly won’t be limited to those types of books.

I (try to) post at least one review per week. I also include a rating on a 5-star scale, so I thought I’d break down my scale because I feel like some people will take my three or four star reviews as me not liking the book, which isn’t really the case.

1 star: This book was terrible, how did I even finish?
2 stars: The book was pretty bad and I didn’t really enjoy it.
3 stars: This book was pretty okay, but I wasn’t crazy for it.
4 stars: I really loved this book.

Most of the books I read are 4 star reviews. I try to save that fifth star for those books that are really really really over-the-top good.

When I’m not reading, I like crocheting, knitting, playing video games and board games, and snuggling my cat. I also make metal-stamped jewelry, some of which is book-themed, that I sell on Etsy.

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